AdvertisementSellerApp launches its first-ever custom rule feature for Amazon Advertisement while prepping...

SellerApp launches its first-ever custom rule feature for Amazon Advertisement while prepping for Q4

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SellerApp offers a Custom PPC Rule feature within its ad suite to help advanced sellers on Amazon get some control over their ad campaigns.

SINGAPORE, November 25, 2021 / – As SellerApp ( gears up for the 2021 holiday season, it’s also launching one of the most user-friendly features in Amazon’s ad automation suite – Custom Base.

Automated rules are a set of actions that sellers can take advantage of to simplify their Amazon PPC campaigns and target ACoS targets without complex accounts. Within Custom Rules, users can set bids manually, change their ad budget, and edit their rules even while the campaign is running. This tool will automatically find customer search terms from automated campaigns that increase sales and add them to phrase match.
The global scenario in the world of digital commerce has changed drastically after COVID, with consumer spending rising from $2.5 trillion in 2019 to $10 trillion in 2021. This has led to massive online retail spending, especially since the second quarter of 2021 Experts predict that the main theme of this holiday season will be Amazon ads. It is also reported that categories such as H&H, Toys and Personal Care will soon see a significant escalation in their sales volumes with a 70% increase in CPC rates. Therefore, to further boost these sales and prevent wasted ad spend, custom rules will definitely play a major role in boosting the ROI for Amazon third party sellers.

Since the company’s inception in 2017, SellerApp has become one of the fastest growing data analytics solution providers enabling Amazon sellers with the most comprehensive data and automation tools to scale their businesses. They have also organized and participated in multiple events to empower sellers.

In November, SellerApp was part of two major events – Sale2Scale with Accrue Me and a webinar on India’s largest cross-border export summit with Payoneer. Payoneer’s massive virtual summit was a huge success with over 500 Amazon sellers participating. There were thought leaders and industry experts around the world who came together to deliver some unmissable sessions on network opportunities, Amazon’s A9 algorithm, wholesale exports, and sourcing.

The Sale2Scale event was nothing short of that and was backed by some of the biggest investors, acquirers, growth advisors and business brokers in the Amazon region. This event covered everything an Amazon seller needs to know about market expansion opportunities, strategies for how to run Amazon’s 8-figure business, secrets to increasing cash flow, and much more.

Co-founder, Dilip Vamanan, notes, “We have listened carefully to our clients while conducting extensive surveys and analytics, and have created a very easy-to-use system of custom rule offerings for users to take advantage of a single interface, easily. With the festive season approaching – the fourth quarter of 2021, we have high hopes in achieving this and we are hosting multiple events in the coming months to empower and help sellers deliver tremendous value to their business with accurate data and actionable insights.”

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SellerApp is the only leading destination for selling on Amazon, with over 18,000 customers worldwide. Founded in 2017 to meet the advertising needs of SEO and PPC for Amazon sellers, SellerApp today provides a full suite of the latest business management solutions and powerful smart automation resources to help third-party sellers run their Amazon businesses.

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