Social Media MarketingIT Minister calls for accountability of social media content

IT Minister calls for accountability of social media content

The government said on Thursday that responsibility for content uploaded to social media platforms and websites must be clearly defined, and that changes in technology and the Internet over the past few decades called for a rethink of the Internet’s governance structure.

“The way content is created, the way it is consumed and the way the Internet is accessed. Everything has changed in the languages ​​through which the Internet is accessed, the machines, the patterns of Internet access. Ashwini Vaishnau, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said at the opening session of India’s First Forum on Internet Governance ( IIGF 2021), it is with these fundamental changes that we definitely need to fundamentally rethink the entire Internet governance structure.

Vaishnau asked forum participants to discuss key issues, including responsibility for content, in an age when content is being created and consumed through mobile devices. He said that India, as one of the largest users of the Internet, should be a major stakeholder in the way Internet governance is defined worldwide.

“We are making the internet useful and safer for billions of Indians”

“If we read something, we start to believe that something is written in that WhatsApp message or in the Facebook page or in this website, so it must be true. Who will be held responsible for this content?” he asked.

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“So, who is responsible for this content? And whether that content is on a social media platform or on a website, it should be clearly defined, so that there is responsibility for the word written on someone, so that it becomes part of the community as an acceptable form.”

The minister also called for discussing the “social impact of disruptions to business models” with the emergence of e-commerce.

“The way e-commerce has disrupted the entire business world, the way it has disrupted so many other industries, which has a social impact, a social cost… it has many benefits, but it also has certain things that have to be mitigated. So, this again. Something we, as a society, have to think about, because that leaves a lot of people who are less able to deal with changes,” he added.



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