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The IBM or in plain terms”the No Accident Discount, is one of the variables employed by insurance companies in calculating costs of MTPL insurance. As with other coefficients (regional duration of service, capacity of the vehicle and duration of use and so on) the IBM will be multiplied with the rate base of the insurance policy. For every year of accident-free driving the discount will be multiplied by 5% and the maximum savings will be 50 percent (with KBM 0.5). KBM 0.5) It can be claimed in the tenth year safe driving.


When they were calculating their MTPL during the first half of 2021, more than 1/3 of drivers received the maximum discount of 50% using”bonus-malus. “bonus-malus” system. Another 65% received more than 20 percent. It is a great way to save money on mandatory “car insurance” which is difficult to replace in any way.


Prior to that, all discounts for driving without accidents were canceled when you stopped insurance for more than one year. This meant you must begin to collect the discounts from zero or more accurately, from one. They could also be lost when you moved from one insurance provider to another. However, back then there was no database that could be unified.


Since July 1st in 2014, the automated software AIS CMTPL insurance from the Russian Union of Auto Insurers holds information on the latest insurance policies that were issued after 2011 , by all insurance firms and, consequently, the entire insurance history of every driver, as well as information on insurance claims. This data is transferred to the AIS CMTPL insurance system by insurance companies when they sign an agreement, and it is uploaded within one day of signing the contract.


However, they forfeit the bonuses, although less frequently than prior to. The most typical situations where an ‘bonus-malus’ could become null and void is changes to driving licenses as well as a name change. small spelling errors or a significant accident that’s enough that it began before the final reforms to the PBM system in 2019, in 2019. Whatever the reason for losing the PBM, the process of recuperating it can be done the same way for every person.


So, what do you do if there is a disagreement with the worth that this Bonus Malus that the insurance company used when they entered in CMTPL insurance contract with you? CMTPL agreement with your insurance company?


Start by self-checking that Bonus Malus. It is possible to find it by filling out the fields including your full name, date of birth, the series, and number of your driver’s license. Information about your AMI can be obtained from the CMTPL insurance of AIS and then when you determine the price of the policy online on the website of the insurer or a financial aggregator which provides services from a variety of firms and provides you with the possibility of comparing rates.

The left column, we use the Bonus-Malus that the driver received during the time of their previous insurance. We have mentioned before that the Bonus-Malus of one is allocated to new drivers at the time they get their first car insurancepolicy, and then the Bonus-Malus gets given to every driver once each year on the 1st day of April in accordance with the outcomes of their previous year’s driving. The bonus-mulus is not updated throughout the course of the year, even if you take out a new insurance for a different vehicle. Additionally to that, your PBM is identical for all vehicles you use, which includes minibuses and lorries.


Let’s suppose that your PBM the previous year (you can locate it in your previous MTPL insurance policy) is 0.7. This means that the discount on your policy was 30 percent of the value. Consider the amount of times you were involved in an accident due to your own fault. If there weren’t any accidents then the actual IBM is 0.65, i.e. your insurance will be less expensive by 5.


If you’ve been involved in an accident in the last year, that was your fault the initial coefficient of 0.7 will increase based on the amount of incidents. For instance, if you have an accident that was not your own fault, it’s 0.9 After four incidents, it will increase to a maximum 2.45 which means that your insurance would be 145% higher costly.


If you discover that your current AMI is inaccurate or invalid even though you received an offer of discount and no accident was caused by your negligence prior to this, you must inform your insurer . Only he can rectify the incorrect data on CMTPL. AIS CMTPL.


RAMI recommends that you submit an application to correct your information with the insurer. add the information regarding the modification of your driving licence or other information you provided when signing the contract for CMTPL insurance. Once the application has been received and a copy of the application, the insurance company is required to examine the value of your insurance minimum in the CMTPL insurance of the AIS and, if the coefficient is not the same as the one you have applied for then the insurer will determine the price of the policy on the new amount. This could alter the cost of the policy , and will create an underpayment that the insurer is required to pay back to you upon request.


It is well-known that no one likes to lose their money. Therefore it’s possible that the insurance company will not take your claim if they are told that you’re busy or have other reasons. In this situation, RAMI advises you to make your claim via any method of communication that is available: Russian Post or email. If the insurance company has refused to accept your claim then you may file a claim with the Bank of Russia on their official website. The following documents are required to be submitted:


– The details of the valid CMTPL assurance contract (series #) and a replica of it;


– Driving license Numbers (old as well as modern) as well as a duplicate of it;


Documents to prove that the insurer was informed of the modification (the response of the insurance company in the event of a response) and the original application along with the stamp of the insurance company’s acceptance, or receipts for checks or post-notices).

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