AdvertisementGerman Sports Betting Association Rejects Plans for Gambling Advertising Ban

German Sports Betting Association Rejects Plans for Gambling Advertising Ban

The German Sports Betting Association which is also known as Deutscher Sportwttenverband (DSWV) announced that it Rejecting calls to ban sports betting ads in the country. This announcement comes after press reports revealed that Bremen is a senator from the Ministry of the Interior Ulrich Maurer You may be planning to propose a ban on sports betting ads.

Banning sports betting ads would help the black market

An official announcement of the ban is expected in early December. What is known so far is that the ban on sports betting ads aims to reduce problem gambling and Gambling related damages. Furthermore, this ban is intended to reduce youth exposure to gambling.

He came back in March when Germany agreed to the new State Treaty on Gambling. Under the new treaty, gambling advertisements for safe offers are permitted and approved by the state. The treaty effectively aims to Protect consumers from illegal or black market providers. In other words, with the help of advertising, consumers are directed to the legal market.

The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) categorically rejects the Bremen senator’s request for the Interior to ban sports betting advertisements in Germany.

German Sports Betting Association

After years of negotiations, the gambling treaty was Approved by all 16 state parliaments. Bremen was also among the countries that voted to approve the treaty. This is the main reason why the DSWV was surprised by Senator Mäurer’s calls to introduce a sports betting ad ban. The Association said that such a ban It would be an “economic stimulus package for black market providers”. Furthermore, the DSWV stressed that such a ban would also call into question the decisions of all 16 state parliaments to approve the treaty.

Bremen’s proposal backfires, according to DSWV chief

Matthias DahmsDSWV Chairman, acknowledged that “a state should not give the impression that it is measuring by double standards and that it wants to give preference to its gambling offerings.” He added that private and government operators with a German license have passed Comprehensive checking process to ensure reliability. Dahms stressed that this applies to advertising as well, and for this reason It is forbidden to advertise illegal operators.

Since there are still many illegal service providers active in the German market, the ability to advertise to authorized service providers is of central importance.

Matthias Dhams, President of DSWV

Consider Dahms Calls from Bremen are described as “counterproductive”. Given that there are active illegal operators, he said, “advertising to authorized service providers is of central importance.” According to Dahms, by declaring legal operators, citizens can Differentiate between safe offers in the gambling market. In conclusion, he revealed that after years of negotiations, countries have finally found the right balance to market their legal gambling offerings.


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