Digital MarketingDefining the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Defining the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Media marketing is a marketing tool that employs proven techniques, such as online marketing research, to promote a business. The term was originally coined in 1977 by Mark Twain, although it has been in wide use since then. The marketing definition for media marketing is “the creation of a marketing message designed to be communicated to a target audience via an established media.” It can also mean the marketing use of “new media,” which is to say, non-traditional forms of marketing such as radio, television, and newspapers.
Inbound marketing research refers to the process of determining what a consumer is looking for. An inbound marketing campaign uses this process to find out what types of products or services are in demand. This marketing definition is not limited to traditional marketing campaigns, however. Internet marketing is another example of an inbound marketing campaign. Many people use the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, when looking for products or services to purchase. Internet marketing is an important element of search engine marketing.
On the other hand, outbound marketing is a form of marketing that uses specific marketing approaches, rather than advertising directly to potential customers. A successful outbound marketing campaign will usually begin with a well thought-out marketing strategy. Many times, companies develop marketing strategies on their own, without the help of marketing consultants. In some cases, companies pay marketing consultants to formulate their marketing strategy. Regardless of how the strategy is developed, a marketing strategy is required, especially for an inbound marketing campaign. The marketing strategies used in an inbound marketing campaign may include direct mail marketing, telemarketing, cold calling, and banner advertising.
Outbound marketing strategy is defined by Wikipedia as “the established process of marketing a product or service to the defined target audience.” The marketing strategy is normally implemented before a firm develops a customer base. Advertising is usually used to bring in new customers. The definition of a customer base allows for marketing strategies to be more tailored to the specific needs of each firm. One firm may target women while another firm may focus on professional men.
Marketing research defines marketing research as the process of finding out what consumers think about a product or service, so that marketers can develop marketing campaigns that are based on the feedback they receive. Marketing research is a vital element of marketing and any firm that does not perform adequate research into the market should be questioned. If a firm does not conduct market research, it is likely cutting-edge and could make a firm’s marketing plan ineffective. In fact, marketing research is one of the major factors that contribute to the success or failure of a marketing strategy.
There are two schools of thought in marketing: sales marketing that focuses on market research. Most sales-oriented marketers are dedicated to proving their products to be great, and have little concern for the research. However, many marketing professionals believe that marketing should be primarily based on research and that there is little correlation between sales and marketing. There is a great deal of room for compromise in marketing between the two school of marketers, but marketers should focus on developing a marketing philosophy based on market research.
The second school of thought in marketing is inbound marketing research. In this school, marketing professionals look at marketing strategies from the perspective of the consumer. This approach has a more focused definition of what marketing goals are and is therefore more effective. The defining characteristics of inbound marketing research include determining consumer needs and analyzing how consumers search for information. A good definition of this school is that the definition of marketing should be based on the needs of consumers in order to create marketing campaigns that are targeted and appropriate for those needs.
When marketing, it is important to remember that the marketing process does not end with the creation of the marketing campaigns. Marketing should be continually refined as the market changes and the marketing strategy needs to adjust to those changes. Marketers should test, tweak, and fine tune their marketing campaigns time again. While a marketing campaign may not achieve all of the marketing goals that marketers had hoped for, it will be more likely to reach some of the marketing goals than marketing campaigns that never adapt. This is why it is important to keep marketing research separate from marketing campaigns. Without the need to constantly fine-tune and change marketing, marketers can focus on creating successful campaigns that are focused and on target marketing.


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