Apple warns Thailand's dissidents of hacks

Apple warns Thailand’s dissidents of hacks

iPhone security has been taken down by state-sponsored attackers

Fruity Cargo, a cult of merchandise, has warned six activists and researchers who have criticized the Thai government that their phones have been hacked by “state-sponsored attackers”.

Opponents who believed their phones were unhackable because the Apple logo protected them received emails from Apple warning that it believed iPhone and iCloud accounts had been targeted, along with having a “threat notice” on their Apple accounts.

Prajak Kongkiratti, a political science professor at Bangkok’s Tmasat University, researcher Sarini Ashanuntakul and Thai activist Yingchip Achanon of legal watchdog group iLaw said they received emails, while rapper, political activist and anti-government politician posted separate screenshots of the same email. on their social media accounts.

Apple said the compromised devices mean a state-sponsored attacker can remotely access your sensitive data, communications, or camera and microphone. This means that Apple’s software has been completely hacked, although no one at Tame Apple Press says so.

In fact, they all repeat Apple’s statement that state-sponsored attacks target “a small number of users”. For those of us who have been watching Apple for a while, “few users” is a term that marketing teams use when a hardware or software flaw affects all users but most Apple users haven’t noticed or targeted yet.

Two political activists in Ghana and an opposition politician in Uganda, as well as dozens of journalists from the Salvadoran media, have reported receiving similar warning messages from Apple, according to social media posts.



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